Set up subscriptions

Subscription allow you to charge your users a recurring fee to have access to your content. There are three ways sell subscriptions and manage user's access with MealPro App:

Sell subscriptions on the web (Stripe)

To sell subscriptions on the web, you must connect a Stripe account to your MealPro App account. Go to Subscriptions > Website then follow the steps.

App station >> Members >> Pricing

Once your Stripe account is connected, you can set a currency, the price of a Monthly and Yearly plan, and select a free trial length (if you want one).

Once your Stripe account is setup, you should proceed to your Stripe dashboard and toggle On, the option to Limit customers to 1 subscription.

You can redirect to any web site you feel is appropriate

If you are using our sales page builder, these plans will automatically appear on your page.

If you are using your own website, copy the buy links and add them to your website.

In both cases, when a website visitor clicks on a buy link, they will be taken through the Stripe checkout flow (you can add your branding in Stripe).

Sell subscriptions via your mobile app

If you have (or plan to have) a mobile app with us, then you can sell subscriptions directly in your app. These are managed in your Apple and Google accounts. See our mobile app checklist to learn more.

Use a third-party tool

If you have an existing membership or payments platform (e.g. Kajabi, Shopify, MemberPress) and want to keep using it, then you can simply connect that using our Zapier integration.

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