Mobile app checklist

This page outlines the steps involved in launching your mobile app. Note, steps 6 to 8 are only required if you are using in-app payments (subscriptions).

1. Set up your web app

Your mobile app will use the same content and configuration as your web app. So, add your recipes, meal plans, branding, and settings in your web app first.

2. Set up app developer accounts

So that we can upload your Android and iOS apps ready for submission to the app stores, you will need to give us admin access to your and Google Play and App Store Connect accounts. Follow the instructions for Google (here) and Apple (here).

3. Provide additional content (link)

There are a few extra things we will need from you to set up your mobile app. Please make a copy of this worksheet and return it to us.

4. Complete mandatory information in your accounts

If you have created a new Google Play and/or Apple Developer account, then you will need to complete any mandatory information related to tax, payments, identity, and more. These can typically be found on your app Dashboard (Google) and Agreements (Apple).

5. Create a Google service account (optional)

If you are using in-app payments, then you need to link a service account so that we can communicate with Google on your behalf. Follow the instructions here.

6. We will build your app

Once you have completed the steps above, we will build your mobile app and upload it to your accounts.

7. Set up in-app subscriptions (optional)

If you are using in-app payments, then you need to set up the subscriptions in your Google Play and Apple Developer accounts. Follow these instructions for Google (here) and Apple (here).

8. Set up free trial (optional)

If you want to use a free trial alongside in-app payments, then you will need to set these up as an introductory offer your Google Play and Apple Developer accounts, in the subscriptions section.

9. Set up your app store listings

It’s your responsibility to manage your app store listings inline with Google and Apple's policies. Two useful resources are Manage your store listing (Google) and Creating Your Product Page (Apple).

10. Review your app

You will have the opportunity to review your app before it is sent to the app stores. This is also a good opportunity to capture screenshots (see below). Follow these instructions to add more test users.

11. Create app screenshots

In order to submit your app, you will need to provide app screenshots for your listings page. If you’re not confident doing this, then you can always hire a freelancer on Fiverr or use a tool like AppScreens.

12. Submit to the app stores

Once everything is ready, your apps can be submitted for review. We will guide you through this. We recommend familiarising yourself with the official guidelines from Google (here) and Apple (here).

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