How to set up your Zapier integration

You can use Zapier to connect your MealPro App to over 4000+ third party apps like Shopify, WordPress, Thinkific, Kajabi, and more without coding. We currently have three Actions and one Trigger (if you're new to Zapier, check out this article). These are:

  • Activate user (action): Add a user to your MealPro App, e.g. when they sign-up on your website.
  • Suspend user (action): Mark a user as inactive in your MealPro App, e.g. when they cancel their subscription on your website.
  • Delete user (action): Delete a user in your MealPro App, e.g. after 60 days of cancelling their subscription on your website.
  • Update user (trigger): Update a user's information in another app (e.g. your website), when it is changed in your MealPro App.


  • Your own Zapier account.
  • Your own MealPro App account.

Step 1: Enable the Zapier integration

In your MealPro App account, enable the Zapier integration. You will use the API key and domain values later.

Step 2: Add a new Zap

In your Zapier account, go to Zaps > Create new Zap. Then search for the app where your users will sign-up and manage their accounts (e.g. Shopify, WordPress Thinkific, Kajabi).

Step 3: Set up a Trigger

Select the Trigger that you want to use, for example, this might be when a new order is completed on your website. Follow the steps to set up the trigger. You may need to consult the documentation of the app you are using for the Trigger.

Step 4: Connect your account

Once your Trigger is set up, you need to create an Action. Click to add an Action, then search for MealPro App.

Choose the action you want to perform in your MealPro App.

And enter the API key and Domain values from your MealPro App account.

Step 5: Set up the Action

Map the information (e.g. email address, name) provided in the Trigger to the fields in the Action. The fields will be different depending on the Action you have chosen.

Note, if your source app (the Trigger) does not provide separate First Name and Last Name values then you may need to split the name into two fields. Zapier have written a guide on how to do this here.

Step 6: Test the Action

Once everything is configured, test the Action and check the results in your MealPro App.

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