Publishing a meal plan

After creating and editing your meal plans, it is only visible to the Admins of your site. At this point, they have a publishing status of Draft. To make the meal plan visible to your members, you must publish the meal plan. When you publish, you have the option of publishing immediately, or scheduling the publishing for a future date and time. This allows you to pre-load meal plan content and they will automatically be made available to your members at the scheduled date and time.

Meal plans are either Published, Scheduled or Draft

Draft: Only visible to administrators

Published: Visible to all with permission

Scheduled: Will be visible to all at a future date and time

Publishing a draft meal plan

While editing a draft meal plan, you can click on the Publish button to choose your publishing options.

Immediate publish (Publish now)

The popup will default its settings to "Publish now". If no changes are made, and you click "Publish" your meal plan will be immediately available to all with permission to this plan and all appropriate notifications will be sent.

Scheduled publish

If you change to "Schedule publication", you will be prompted to provide the date and time you wish the meal plan to become available. You will schedule this in the timezone your browser is set to. There is no limit to how far into the future you schedule the publishing to take place.

Once you have chosen a date and time in the future, the "Publish" button will now indicate "Schedule for publication". Once you click "Schedule for publication" your meal plan will be placed in the queue for publication.

This can be confirmed on the meal plan page, and you may choose "Manage schedule" to modify your selection at any time before the scheduled date and time. Simply change the date and time and Schedule for publication.

You will also notice the option to "Move to draft" which will remove the meal plan from the queue and return it to the Draft state.

You can find any scheduled meal plans on the "Scheduled" tab of your Meal plans panel, with each card indicating the current publishing date and time.

Once the date and time of publishing is reached, the meal plan is published and all notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate members.

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