Create a meal plan

MealPro App allows you to create and publish meal plans to all your members.

Only admins can create, publish and delete meal plans. Members can view and customize published meal plans. For more see Admins vs. Members: what's the difference?


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Create/edit meal plan

To create a new meal plan scratch, go to Meal plans and select "Create plan".

Step 1: Select plan type

There are two types of meal plan you can create:

Recipe list: a simple list of recipes, not connected to a day of the week.

Day schedule: allows you to assign recipes for each day of the week, up to six recipes per day.

Step 2: Add recipes

Select the first recipes and customize the serving size. Repeat as required.

Step 3: Add prep notes (optional)

Add prep notes to the meal plan in the Prep notes tab, as required.

Step 4: Review the shopping list

The shopping list is automatically updated based on the recipes and serving sizes selected in the meal plan. If required, you can cross off an ingredient or add a new ingredient. To add an ingredient click the plus icon above the relevant section, and enter the details.

Any changes you (an admin) make to shopping list will appear on the member's shopping lists when the meal plan is published.

Step 5: Export (Download)

You and your members can export the meal plan as a PDF. On the relevant meal plan, click the three dots and then hit "Download". Select/unselect the items you want to include in the export then click "Download" again to generate the PDF.

Review the PDF and/or share with your members, as required.

Step 6: Publish

The final step is to publish your meal plan so your members can see it in their apps. Click the three dots and select "Publish". Next, select the recipe image that you want to use as a meal plan cover image and hit "Publish" again. Your meal plan is now published!

Unpublish meal plan

If you want to remove a meal plan from your member's apps then you can unpublish the meal plan. Go to the relevant meal plan, click the three dots and then select "Unpublish".

Delete meal plan

If you want to permanently remove a meal plan from your app then you can delete the meal plan. Go to the relevant meal plan, click the three dots and then select "Delete".

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