Connect integrations (optional)

See our full list of integrations here. Below are a few of the popular uses for our integrations. Contact us if you need help deciding what is right for your scenario.

Add sign-ups to your email newsletter

Use our Zapier integration ("User Created" trigger) to add people to your email newsletter (e.g. ConvertKit, MailChimp) when they sign-up to your MealPro App account.

Connect your existing membership / payments platform

Use our Zapier integration to connect your existing membership or payments platform (e.g. Kajabi, Shopify, MemberPress) to MealPro App and continue using that.

with WordPress

Do your users create / have an account on your WordPress site? If yes, you can use our WordPress sign-in integration to allow them to log in to your MealPro App with their existing email and password.

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