Subscription statuses (users)

There are six subscription statuses for users. These are:

  • Never: users who have created an account but have never had subscription access.
  • In trial: users who have signed up and are in a trial period.
  • Active: users with an active subscription who are not in a trial period.
  • Leaving: users who have cancelled but still have access until the end of the current billing period.
  • On hold: users who have subscribed but don't have access because of an unpaid invoice.
  • Former: users who have cancelled and no longer have access.

Syncing statuses with Zapier

If you use a third-party tool to manage subscriptions (e.g. MemberPress, ThriveCart, Kajabi) then you should keep the status in sync by setting up the relevant Zapier connections. As a minimum, we recommend adding a Zap when a new user signs-up and when a user's subscription expires.

Editing subscription statuses

You can manually change a user's subscription status to Active, On hold and Former in your settings.

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