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Creating a post for your dashboard activity feed.

There are four components which can be used on a post.

Post text

This is simple text that will be displayed above all other items. Text starting with www or http will be shown as an external link.


The cover media of your post can be an image, or a video.

When using a video, keep in mind that video files can be quite large and can require a considerable amount of time to upload. Be patient while the upload is taking place.

Adding a cover
Preview of cover media


You can add multiple attachments to your post. Attachments can be recipes, meal plans and pantry items. These attachments can be re-ordered using drag/drop.

Adding an attachment
Searching for your attachment


You can choose to publish your post immediately, schedule it for a date/time in the future, or save it as a draft for later use.

At the moment in time when a post is published, any attachments that are not yet published, will also be published.

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