Reactions are a way for your members to express their interest in your content.

Emoji choices

App console >> Reactions

  • The admin can choose the 5 emoji's used for reactions across the application by clicking on one of the default emoji's:

If an emoji is replaced, any content that members have reacted to using that emoji, will be lose its count of that particular reaction.

  • You can then search or browse to find the emoji of your choice, from the defined list (currently version 12.0 of the emoji standard.)

Reaction counts

If reaction counts are enabled, your members will be able to see the count of each reaction of all users. Admin's will always see the reaction counts, even if disabled here:

Dashboard reactions

By enabling dashboard reactions, members will be able to select their reaction (only one) on each post within the activity feed. Their selection is identified by the colored border. Members (if reaction counts are enabled) and admins (always) will be able to see the count of each reaction for this post.

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