A user can't log in. Please can you help?

Follow the steps below if a user cannot log in to your MealPro App account.

Step 1: Check the user is active

Go to the Users page and check the user's status. It should be is active ("In trial" and "Leaving" are technically active statuses too). If yes, move on to step 2. If the user's status is not active (e.g. status is "Former") then they will not be able to login - this may be because their subscription has expired.

Step 2: Try forgot password

If the user's account is active, then ask them to select "Forgot password". This can be accessed from your app login page (see image below). The user will get an email with a magic link to log in. If this works, ask them to change their password once logged in. If it does not work, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Contact us

If the forgot password does not work and the user cannot log in, then please contact our support team with the user's email address.

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