Schedule of fees

Below is a summary of our pricing structure. All prices shown are in USD.

Platform fee

There is a base plan price for our platform.

  • Launch: $99 per month.
  • Growth: $299 per month.
  • Custom: Varies.

Subscriber fees

There is also a fee per active subscriber. An active subscriber is a user that has a subscription status of "Active" or "Leaving".

  • Launch: $0.99 per active subscriber, per month.
  • Growth: $0.99 per active subscriber, per month.
  • Custom: Varies.


Your platform fee is billed upfront. Subscriber fees are billed retrospectively (at the end of your billing period) so that we can calculate an accurate figure.

Additional fees

Third-party transaction fees: Any subscriptions sold to your customers through our platform may be subject to platform fees by Stripe, Apple, and Google (these are taken at source, not by us).

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