Freemium model

Freemium allows people to use your app with limited functionality and content without a subscription (like a free opt-in on your website). You can choose which content is unlocked and which requires a subscription.

Free users can then upgrade to a Premium membership using your Sales page.

What can free users do?

  • Create an account
  • Access free recipes and meal plans
  • Edit free meal plans

What can premium subscribers do?

  • Access all recipes
  • Access all meal plans
  • Create their own meal plans

How to enable freemium in your mobile app

To enable freemium, please contact us and we'll make sure everything is prepared for this feature.

Do I pay for free user?

Nope! The goal of offering freemium is to advance users to a premium subscription so you can increase revenue.

How to make content free

By default, all of your content is set to paid. To allow people to access content without a subscription, go to a recipe or meal plan and set Requires subscription to off, and save. Like this example:

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