Why do I see duplicates on the shopping list?

Ingredients will be duplicated on a shopping list if the ingredient names are different, for example, "olive oil" and "extra virgin olive oil" or if we can't combine the units of measure, for example, "1 piece" and "1 cup".

Which units of measure can be combined?

Any standard unit of measure that is part of the same group (volume, liquid volume, mass) can be combined. Less accurate units (e.g. piece, serving, slice) cannot be combined with other units.

How do I remove duplicates from the shopping list?

The best way to remove duplicates is to standardize the ingredient names and units of measure that you use in your recipes.

Can I edit the shopping list?

You cannot edit the auto-populated items on the shopping list. This is because the shopping list needs to auto-update when users edit a meal plan, for example, swapping a recipe.

Do users care?

‚ÄčThe feedback from users is that this is not a big issue for them. Yes, it's not as neat, but people tell us that it's easy to combine "1 avocado" and "1 piece avocado" (etc) in their heads.

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