You can add categories to your recipes and pantry pages (e.g. Favorites, Dinners) to make it easier for people to browse your cataloge. There are four preset options to choose from and you can add custom categories.

Enable recipe categories

App station >> Settings >> Recipes

App station >> Settings >> Pantry

You can enable or disable categories, and select whether to show or hide, and save.

Preset categories

There are three preset categories: Favorites (liked by the user), Recently added ( added by an admin in the past month) and Most popular (most liked across all users). You can also show or hide a link to all recipes/pantry items. Use the toggles to show or hide these individually. You cannot reorder the preset categories.

Custom categories

To add a custom category, select Add category, add a category name, and then select tags to include. For example, if you want to add a "Vegetarian dinners" category then you might say include any of: "Vegan", "Vegetarian" and also must match: "Dinner". You can drag-and-drop custom categories to reorder them.

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