Set up app developer account (Apple)

So that we can upload your iOS app ready for submission to the App Store, you will need to give us admin access to your App Store Connect account.

Step 1: Enrol as an Organization

Enrol in the Apple Developer Program as an Organization (not individual). See Apple's instructions here. There is a $99 annual fee at the time of writing. Verification can take several days.

Step 2: Give us Admin permissions

Inside your App Store Connect account, go to Users and Access. Press the plus (+) symbol to add a new user. In the Email address field, enter Enter anything for the First Name and Last Name. Under Roles, select Admin. Then scroll to Additional resources and tick Access to Cloud Managed Developer ID Certificate. Click Invite to finish.

Step 3: Enrol in the Small Business Program (optional)

Apple's Small Business Program entitles small businesses to a reduced commission rate on paid apps and in-app purchases.

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