Set up auto-renewable subscriptions (Google)

This guide explains how to set up auto-renewable subscriptions in the Google Play Console. We also recommend reading the official guidelines from Google Play ( here).

Step 1: Login to your Google Play Console and select your app.

Step 2: Go to Products then Subscriptions.

Step 3: Click Create subscription. Add a product ID (e.g. app name_monthly_1). Add a Name (e.g. All access) – this is visible to the customer.

Step 4: Click on the new Subscription. 

Step 5: Click Add a base plan.

Step 6: Add a base plan ID (e.g. app name_monthly_1). Select Renewal type (e.g. Auto-renewing). Select the Billing period (e.g. Monthly). Set the Grace period. Select Customer base plan and offer changes (e.g. Charge at next billing date). Select Resubscribe (e.g. Allow).

Step 7: Under Price and availability, click Set prices. Tick the regions you want to set a price for, then click Set price in the bottom right corner. Add a price in your local currency (it will be automatically converted into other currencies).

Step 8: Under Price and availability, click Manage country/region availability and update (this is optional).

Step 9: Click Save. Then click Activate.

Step 10: Go back to Subscriptions. Repeat steps 3 to 9 as many times as required.

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