How to test your mobile app

This article explains how to add testers to your mobile app before it is launched. Note, the email address that you add should be the same as the Apple or Google ID that they use on their mobile device.

How to test your iOS (Apple) app

Go to your App Store Connect account. Select My Apps and then select your app. Select TestFlight. Find Internal Testing and select MealPro App Testers (this is the testing group).

Select the plus (+) symbol next to Testers to add a new test user. Note, you will need to add the user to your App Store Connect account if they are not already.

The user will then receive an email with a link to open the app in TestFlight (Apple's official testing tool).

How to test your Android (Google) app

Go to your Google Play Console account. Select your app. Select Internal testing, then Testers. Select the MealPro App Testers group.

Enter an email address and save.

Back on the Internal testing screen, scroll down to where it says "How testers join your test". Copy the link and send it to the person you have just added so they can download the app on their Android device.

How to test Android (Google) payments

If you have enabled in-app payments for Google and want to test without purchasing, then you also need to add your testers as "license testers".

On the main Google Play Console screen, go to Setup, then License testing, and select the required testing group. Enter the user's email address(s) and save.

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