Link to an external account page

Do your customers sign-up and manage their accounts on a different website or app? If yes, you can add a link to the account page (e.g. in your MealPro App so that people can access it.

How it works

A button 'Manage subscription' will appear on your user's Profile pages, to allow them to click through to their account page on your other website or app (the link opens in a new tab). Like this:

Step 1: Add an ‘External account URL’

In the Zapier integration settings, add the URL of the account page on your website or app, and save.

Step 2: Test it

Login as a member (not an admin) and go to the Profile page. You should see a button called ‘Manage subscription’. Click it and check that it goes to the right place. If not, redo step one.
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